Ohio Redistricting Competition

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Ohio Redistricting Advisory Board Members

Dan Tokaji, Election Law @ Moritz at the Ohio State University
Stephen Brooks, Bliss Institute at the University of Akron
Meg Flack, League of Women Voters of Ohio
Sam Gresham, Common Cause/Ohio
Jocelyn Travis, NAACP
Jim Slagle, Ohio Campaign for Accountable Redistricting
Catherine Turcer, Ohio Citizen Action
Kellye Pinkleton, former Director, Voting Rights Institute

Citizen produce fair maps
Official maps score last!

Our citizen competition resulted in 53 congressional maps and a dozen state legislative maps, each prepared – using the same population and election data used by public officials.

Plans were scored by objective criteria: preserving county boundaries; compactness; competitiveness; and representational fairness. And guess what? The citizen maps outscored the official maps by a wide margin. In fact, the lowest scoring map of all, was the map which the Governor approved on Sept. 26 to establish our new congressional districts for the next decade! More

The competition maps split fewer counties and cities apart, and created districts which were more compact and politically balanced.

While the politicians made many excuses as to why they created so many one-sided districts with contorted shapes, the truth is they did it for one reason — politics. Instead of creating districts which would reflect the will of the voters, they created districts which gave maximum political advantage to the political party in power.

Congrats to Mike Fortner and Tim Clarke for creating the top scoring state legislative maps.

Click here to see their maps and information about their plans

Congrats to Mike Fortner, Tim Clarke, and Glenn Jacques for creating the top scoring congressional maps.

Congrats to Chris Buchanan and Charles Fortner for the top student maps.

Click here to see their maps and information about their plans.

For more information:
Contact: Jim Slagle, Manager
Ohio Campaign for Accountable Redistricting
85 E. Gay St. #713, Columbus, Ohio 43215

Tim Clarke, one of the 2009 redistricting competition winners

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