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Checking out "A Citizen's Guide to Redistricting" at the June 28 redistricting event

25 Ohio organizations, led by the League of Women Voters of Ohio and Ohio Citizen Action have joined together to seek a fair, open, and nonpartisan redistricting process.  We launched a competition which allowed private citizens to draw congressional and state legislative districts using publicly available software and the same population and voting data used by public officials.  The plans were scored by objective criteria:  preserving county boundaries; compactness; competitiveness; and representational fairness.

We found that when politics were removed from the process, maps could be drawn which created compact districts that kept communities together.  Moreover, the districts were politically balanced and would give voters a real choice in future elections.  In comparison, the maps which were adopted by the politicians created safe Republican and Democratic seats which will give the voters little ability to hold their legislators accountable.

In fact, the congressional plan which was ultimately adopted by the Legislature scored lower than all 53 plans submitted during the competition.   Read more

The competition was patterned after a 2009 competition in which these partners collaborated with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office.  Click here for more information about the 2009 competition.  For information about the 2011 redistricting competition click here.

The goal of Draw the Line Ohio is to educate Ohioans about the serious implications of Ohio’s hyper-partisan redistricting process, build

consensus around specific redistricting reform measures, and build a base for future reform of redistricting standards.

Representatives of Draw the Line Ohio are available to make presentations about Ohio’s redistricting process and suggested reforms.  Contact us to schedule a presentation before your group or organization.

For more information about the competition or to request a presentation, contact:
Jim Slagle, Manager, Ohio Campaign for Accountable Redistricting – 614-221-6077 or jslagle@drawthelinemidwest.org

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  1. Hi JIm,
    Is there any thought of having the Ohio partners come out with a statement saying that the stalemate on redistricting is a perfect moment to consider the voters rather than party haggling over secure districts?
    Also, could our organization (NE Ohio Voter Advocates) join? If the answer is yes, I’ll double check with our Board but I’m pretty sure they’d be interested.
    Best and thanks for doing a great job on this,
    Norman Robbins
    Research Director, NOVA

  2. Demo Rep says:

    Save Democracy via P.R.

    Total Votes / Total Seats = EQUAL votes needed for each seat winner.

    Both majority rule and minority representation.

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