About the Minnesota Campaign

Draw the Line Minnesota, led by the League of Women Voters Minnesota, is a network of nonprofit organizations working to reform the redistricting process in Minnesota.

The campaign seeks to create a better redistricting process in Minnesota that uses the following principles:

  1. The redistricting process should be independent and nonpartisan, to minimize the influence of elected officials and political parties in creating districts to their own political advantage.
  2. The redistricting process should be transparent to the public.
  3. The redistricting body should provide data, tools, and opportunities for the public to have direct input into the specific plans under consideration.
  4. The redistricting process must be reflective of the diversity of the state, especially racial and ethnic diversity.
  5. Redistricting plan should preserve communities of interest wherever possible, where communities of interest are groups of people concentrated in a geographic area that share similar interests and priorities – whether social, cultural, ethnic, racial, economic, or religious.

To learn more or to join this effort, you can download copies of the Draw the Line Minnesota Principles or print out a copy of the Draw the Line Minnesota Sign-On Letter and send it to David Wheeler, Program Coordinator, at dwheeler(at)visi.com or to our snail mail address at: Draw the Line Minnesota, League of Women Voters Minnesota, 550 Rice Street, Saint Paul, MN  55103.

Draw the Line Minnesota has been advocating for increased transparency and citizen input with legislators in the House and Senate.  Read our specific requests here.

2 Responses

  1. Peter Krause says:

    I so very strongly agree with the campaign principles outlined above. To let the politicians have the first crack at determining the re-districting lines is so “fox guarding the chicken coop” as to be the height of arrogance. In order to be a democracy we must have a totally non-partisan system of drawing these lines. The status quo of our current political system is so dysfunctional and I believe that gerrymandering is a significant contributor to the problem.

  2. Sheila says:

    Where can I find your organization’s financials and budget?

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