Final Report to the Minnesota Special Redistricting Panel

Draw the Line Minnesota Citizens’ Redistricting Commission issued is final report to the Minnesota Special Redistricting Panel. Download it here.

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New Report Shows Minnesotans Want Public Input, Communities of Interest to Shape Redistricting

Report Includes Sample Map to Illustrate Principles For Redistricting

Minnesotans want state leaders to place citizen input and the preservation of Communities of Interest at the forefront of redistricting decisions in 2012, according to a new report released today by the Citizens’ Redistricting Commission. The report highlights four key principles of redistricting and includes a set of example maps that serves as one of many potential illustrations of these principles.

These findings and the map will also be submitted to Minnesota’s five-judge panel on redistricting today, which is the deadline for written testimony to the panel. The report is based on public input heard through a variety of community outreach efforts, including 18 public input sessions, which engaged more than 300 citizens to discuss redistricting.

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Testimony to Minnesota’s Judicial Panel 8 pm October 5, 2011

Your honors, thank you for having me here tonight.

I am Candi Walz, representing Draw the Line Minnesota as Chair of the Citizen’s Redistricting Commission.

Draw the Line Minnesota’s nonpartisan commission includes 15 volunteer members.

We represent a diversity of geographic, political, racial and cultural perspectives, yet we’re all bound by the shared belief that redistricting is one of the most important, yet least public, aspects of our voting and governing system.

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Minnesota Citizens Redistricting Commission

Draw the Line Minnesota has created a true Citizen’s Commission – initiated for and by the people. We are committed to being independent and nonpartisan, transparent, having a chosen body that reflects the diversity of the state. Come to our public hearings and have your voice heard!

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Draw the Line Minnesota, a project of the League of Women Voters, is a growing network of nonprofit organizations that seeks to reform and improve the redistricting process in Minnesota. Learn more »

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