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Draw the Line Midwest is an alliance of nonprofit, nonpartisan civic engagement organizations working together to transform the way we draw electoral district lines—pulling the process out from behind closed doors into the public light. We seek to ensure electoral districts are drawn in a way that is fair, accountable and reflects the diversity of the populace. Learn more »

Redistricting Tools in Midwest

The 2010 Census kicked off the 2011 redistricting season, which determines how electoral district lines are drawn and, ultimately, who gets to represent the public in state capitols and Congress. But, this building-block of our democracy has traditionally been exploited for political gain.

What can we do?

Demand an accountable, transparent redistricting process.

The Draw the Line toolkit helps you:

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What is redistricting?

You Call These Elections?

http://blog.wisdc.org/2012/09/you-call-these-elections.html posted by Mike McCabe @ 11:20 AM Even before the smoking guns were found, it was obvious that Wisconsin Republicans took full advantage of the redistricting process last year and drew new district maps designed to tilt the electoral scales in their favor. The biggest losers, however, are not the Democrats. That distinction belongs to the [...]

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